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The Hidden Risks of Moving on Your Own and How Professionals Avoid Them

When it comes to relocation, the excitement of the new chapter in one’s life is often immediately followed by the necessity to pack all of one’s belongings.

You may think that renting a truck and asking a few friends for assistance would be the best way to go, but some things could go wrong and turn this simple plan into a nightmare. 

Before you take that box, let’s discover the dangers of do-it-yourself moving and what are the benefits of hiring professional movers.  

Understanding Potential Risks

While organizing a move, people often think of the DIY approach as efficient and inexpensive.

Another major hidden cost that is associated with self-move is the cost of coming across some other expenses that one did not foresee. 

Sometimes, people think that they can move without hiring a professional moving company since it costs a lot of money, but in fact, there are many underlying costs that can significantly increase the total costs. 

These can involve equipment rental, purchase of packing materials, fuel for multiple trips, and any repairs that are likely to be incurred in cases where property is damaged during the move.

Transportation of household items entails handling of weights and odd movements which at times causes accidents resulting to severe injuries. 

The Unknown Risks of Moving on Your Own

Physical Injury

Relocating implies a lot of lifting and twisting, which in turn increases the chances of getting an injury. Common injuries include:

  • Back Strains

Bending your back to lift heavy boxes puts a lot of pressure on the muscles in your back.

  • Cuts and Bruises: 

Points of furniture or boxes with corners are dangerous and can lead to cuts and bruises.

  • Sprained Ankles or Wrists: 

Lifting large loads in and out of the house raises the likelihood of developing sprains.

Property Damage

If not well equipped and experienced, you are likely to damage the items or even the house you are living in. Potential damages include:

  • Broken Items: 

Items that are easily damaged, such as glass, electronics, and paintings/works of art, are most at risk.

  • Scratched Floors and Walls: 

Lots of furniture and household items are large and can easily cause scratches on the floor or dents on the walls.

  • Damaged Door Frames: 

Larger items of furniture may become wedged or may scratch the door frames when moving to other rooms.

Time Consumption

It takes time to move on your own. From packing to transport and offloading, it may take several days or even weeks, depending on the distances involved. 

This not only takes up a lot of your time but also may take time before you are able to fully move into the new home.

Emotional Stress

Hidden Risks of DIY Moves & Insights from Professional Movers

Life is already complicated, especially when one has to relocate from one place to another, and having to do it alone is even more complicated. 

The planning, packing, and physical activity can cause the individual to become emotionally drained, making the experience more stressful than it has to be.

Hidden Costs

While moving on your own might seem cheaper initially, hidden costs can add up, such as:

  • Rental Equipment: 

You may rent moving trucks, dollies, and other equipment may be required.

  • Packing Materials: 

One would be surprised at how costly the basics, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape, can be.

  • Potential Damage Costs: 

Repairs that may be needed after the move can be very expensive.

How Professionals Avoid These Risks

Expertise and Training

Professional movers are well aware of how to lift the items, and they also understand how to handle delicate and bulky items. 

Their experience reduces the chances of an accident happening and guarantees that your items will be shifted safely.

Proper Equipment

Professional moving companies come equipped with all the necessary tools and materials, including: 

  • Dollies and Hand Trucks: 

For moving bulky and large items safely and in the most efficient manner.

  • Furniture Pads and Blankets: 

Avoid scratching and denting your furniture and floor and damaging your walls.

  • Specialized Packing Materials: 

Packing and protecting these items to avoid any damages during the moving process.

Efficient Process

Movers are in a better position to perform the move in the shortest time possible. They can pack, load, transport, and unpack all your items in a shorter time than it would take you to do it, thus helping you move into your new house faster. 

Stress Reduction

When one hires professionals, the stress of moving can be cut down to a very low level. 

 They take care of the moving and all the planning for you, which saves you stress and time, and you can concentrate on other matters like home decorating or getting used to a new neighborhood.


Although hiring movers is an initial investment, it will cost you less than the hidden expenses that are associated with the do-it-yourself moving.

There will be no need to rent equipment, buy packing supplies, or be concerned with the possible repair costs of damaged items.


Although people sometimes think about the moving process as a great way to save money, it is crucial to understand the potential dangers of moving without professional help.

From the financial mistakes to the physical tiredness, loss of properties, and emotional pressures, managing a move on your own can be overwhelming.

Thus, using professional moving companies can help avoid such risks and make moving a more efficient and successful process. 
By hiring AFA Movers, the job becomes easier, faster, and safer, making it a worthy investment in a new home. Contact us today at (713) 496-0361 and make your move stress-free.